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Frequently asked questions

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  • Yes, Upwork permits generative artificial intelligence (AI) on its platform. Generative AI refers to algorithms that create content such as text, images, code, or audio. Upwork users may use generative AI in various ways, such as creating proposal templates, improving job posts, or completing client work unless restricted by clients. However, Upwork encourages transparency between clients and freelancers when using generative AI and suggests discussing intended processes, tools, and expectations. You can learn more from UpWork’s Trust and Safety AI Update from the 6th of April, 2022.
  • Certainly! We've made sure our model is trained to recognize any special conditions that a client may set up for the cover letter, like "start your letter with yellow if you read it," and respond accordingly.
  • Best Letter generates completely unique letters for each individual request, ensuring personalized and customized content.
  • Our tool integrates a trained model that serves as an additional prompting layer for the generative artificial intelligence. We began the training process with ChatGPT and later transitioned to our own LLM.

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